Volante FX’s United States Representative, Mr. John Dexter is hosting this EVENT held in the Kansas City area at the Overland Park Convention Center. An hour of your time on January 16 will change your life. Perhaps only once in your life something happens that changes history for you and your family… for the BETTER. THIS IS THAT MOMENT.


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ATTEND FREE - Deadline to Pre-Register extended to JAN 16.


INVESTMENTLIVE FEEDWatch our VolanteFX trading account LIVE. DAILY REPORT~~~~~~Nov 17, 2017 to Jan 15, 2018~~~~~~$100.00is now worth$121.10  Especially for our upcoming event in Kansas City, we invested $100 on November 17, 2017 so you could watch progress using VolanteFX's trading strategy. Let's see where it is on January 16... To enter, click on the trading graph above. Then enter Account# and Password to access the LIVE FEED. Account#: 46404Password: 8652683FxOffering a Return On Investment of 5% per month or more? Sounds impossible. However, we will prove it to you… LIVE and FREE! There's NOT a complicated trading strategy to learn ... you simply enroll, and let VOLANTEFX do the work!


Launching VOLANTEFX in his hometown of Kansas City first, Mr. Dexter offers the people here in the Heartland an opportunity to be the first in the United States to take part in an INVESTING REVOLUTION. Just for attending, you will leave with a FREE Trading Strategy you can put to use IMMEDIATELY… one you can really profit from.


An ROI of 5% PER MONTH. We know… we've said it several times… but let it soak in. That's an annual return of 60% on your investment! Check out our INVESTMENT LIVE FEED trading account begun with fxglory.com on November 17, 2017 with a $100 investment. (No investment capital has been added since, so the gains you'll see are profit ONLY.) You can literally watch VolanteFX at work daily on that $100 for two months before the EVENT on January 16, 2018.


NO ONE is offering what Mr. Dexter is bringing to the USA. Be part of this PIVOTAL MOMENT IN INVESTING HISTORY!

NO pressure. Come hear the VolanteFX presentation and decide for yourself.

NO fee to attend. It's FREE! Deadline to Pre-Register is extended to January 16.

Nothing to sign up for. Unless of course, you see the value of this amazing strategy and want to begin immediately. We believe this opportunity will appeal to your inner investor.


Tell everyone you know. This is not a SECRET strategy hidden away for only the elites of the world. This is for everyday folks just like Mr. Dexter whose stated intent is to “HELP PEOPLE FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE ATTAIN WEALTH.” Choose to be part of the INVESTING REVOLUTION coming to the USA.


ENJOY meeting Mr. Paul Chalmers, the Creator of VolanteFX and UK Investment Strategist. He will be showing you… LIVE and FREE… how he accumulates wealth for you, your family and friends using your account and your money. That's a major difference between us and typical investments who take your money and promise to "make it grow." It's your account. It's your money. You're putting VolanteFX to work for you.


Family and friends will thank you for telling them about this GREAT Investment Opportunity. A very low Monthly Membership and an Investment Entry Level of only $2,600 to $7,500 allows everyday folks to have 5% or more paid back to your account… each month.

FREE: Every person who PRE-REGISTERS by January 16 will receive a FREE copy of Stephen Prince's new  FX Black Book.

Xtra bonus for the EVENT will be the addition of Mr. Stephen Prince, via Skype. He is Volante's Tier 1 trader and it's his expertise on display in our INVESTMENT LIVE FEED. Additionally, Mr. Prince will be launching his new book, FX Black Book, at our EVENT. Every person who PRE-REGISTERS will receive his new book FREE!


FREE! Deadline to Pre-Register has been extended to January 16.

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VolanteFX will host LIVE EVENTS coming soon in these cities:


• Atlanta, GA /April 2018

• Charlotte, NC / July 2018

• San Diego, CA / Oct 2018